It's a pleasure to live with amstaff's, they are big puppy's alway's ready to play no matter what's the challenge, they also like to be with their owner's and they are not dog's to keep in chains outside.
They are good companion's and they will alway's stand by your side for the best and for the worst, they deserve to be trusted as they trust their owner's and they won't let you down (it's up to you to manage the dog's behavior)
They are bold, courageous and they can be dominant if not socialized enough, still they will continue to have a stong temperament.
They should be teached without violence and respected as a dog, they should not be expected to act as a person like everybody want' dog's to.

Amstaff's are disposed to please the owner  so they become easy to train and in my opinion education should be donne with the theory of Dr. C.W. Meisterfeld - Professional Canine Psychotherapist wich means mutual respect, setting limits without having violent, agressive or dominant behavior.
Violence generates violence and we don't need it to raise dogs and it can turn sociable dog's into bitters
Dog's are easy to train and you will get better results if you motivate them to do what you want rather than forcing them to do what you want.


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Mans Best Friend Is Becoming an Endangered Species

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  Dr. C.W. Meisterfeld - Professional Canine Psychotherapist

Safe K9 Safe Kids

Dog Whisper


- dont scream
- dont run
- dont aproch a dog that they dont know
- dont play under things? for ex bed
- dont prevent the dog to leave
- dont hurt the dog
- dont wake up the dog that sleeps
- dont knee in front of the dog to play


- children never stay alone with the dog
- dont allow the child to feed the dog

- understand that people that dont have dogs think owners are the only responsables for the dogs actions
- but they forget that theyre actions can provoc an attack , like children that run and scream in front of the dog or worst? barking to the dog.
- everyone should be responsable for his own actions
- to teach the childre to behave in front of the dogs is responsability of the parents


- all dog have a little of prey instinct.
- so does the amstaff, he shows it well while chasing a ball.
- prey instinct is by definition, one unconscient force that makes to a dog to do things even without will to be present; its this force that makes him to chase and some times to byte every thing that seems like a prey to the dog.
- like for the dog, every thing that is smaller ,that runs away mais pequeno do que ele e que foge rapidamente dando screaming agude is a prey, like a cat that runs, one chicken that tries to scape open wings or a child scared by the dog, runs crying and screaming; reactions like that can make even the most lovely dog to chase, maybe only to play , but it can scare the child, and provoc him dog phoby.
- this is the reaso why we have to teach the children not to get scared nor to run or scream in front of the dog . teach them to be calm and still untill parents come.

Some attitudes of the dog can seem nice or afective, but it is necessary to be careful and not to confuse.

- THE NICE DOG that seeks caresses and attention seems to be a very affectionate dog for the owner that tries to reward that contact. They put that attitude can be a way to dominate the man for the dog because of that it sorts out the dog
he/she will interpret his/her answer as submission his/her authority that was who requested them caresses.

- THE KING that has the bad inhabits of lying down in the sofa or in your bed to sleep display a great domination.
The fact of the dog occupaing the owner's place and if you don't put end the that attitude in a firm way
you take a risk the one that one day that dog decides that you are not entitled the to sit down in the sofa beside him or lying down in the bed.

- THE STARVING DOG should not be fed when he wants and never before you because or else this to contribute for
his/her feeling he/she to think that you do what he wants and that he is the boss.

- THE SEXUAL that arises for all legs that it can and that he/ seems to need of a girlfriend but he is only this to affirm his domination.


Love your dog. One good relation is based in love and confidence but dont over protect him.

Dogs dont obey always at the firts time and puppys even more . Repet it until it becomes automatic.

With the pit every thing's about the owners atitude . You dont need to get upset when he doesnt obey one order. He likes the owners stong position. but not in the violent attituda ; by the opposite.


What you dont want him to do he cannot do, for ex , going to the sofa or the bed, this will never be tolerated or when you give one order , for ex to sit down, the dog have to sit , if he doesnt do it he's challanging the owner.


Dont punish your dog unfairely this will put the dog in complete confusion and the dog will no know what he can do. This can turn the dog instable and with no warning reactions.


The age of more problems is betwen 1 and 2 years but also the best age to correct it.


1- destruction
2- bark a lot
3- fear and stress without reason
4- agressivity to stangers
5- agressivty to other dogs
6- agressivity to the owners
7- frequents runaways


- going to a professional obeysence school may be necessary
- always keep an eye in your dog playing with others
- dont leave alone for long periods of time,its not very good for his balance
- the education of your dog starts at the firt day of the arrival
- dog too afraidis not a balanced dog


the first period may occur between 12-16 weeks of age
this is the first and the most important of the two

The second period when the dog may try to challenge your
position as leader of the pack can occur from anywhere between
1 to about 4 years of age


growling or barking at you.
putting your paws on you.
trying to jump up on your bed


Dogs that struggle with other dogs that they cross in the street

Dogs that react aggressively whenever other dog goes by his territory

Dogs that struggle with the other dogs of the same house

Male dogs that struggle with other males in public places

(exist races or dogs that see as their territory all the spaces where they stand)

Frighten dogs can be of the type of running away with tail bettwen the legs as they can attack for protection


Aggressivity for dominance

Predatory aggressivity

Aggressivity by Protection

Aggressivity Caused By the Fear

Aggressivity For the Ownership

Redirected aggressivity

Territórial Aggressivity

A dog can act agressiff inside the car and became gentil when getting outside the car

-Do not keep your dog enclosed for long periods, i makes most of its pathologies manifested during an agression

-Controled playing, wide spaces where the dog can explore are needed to prevent certain types of agression

-Repression of extremly dominante tendencies may be needed, specialy if followed by agression

-Avoid negative experiences

Separation Anxiety in Dogs